Art On Tour is gonna be a Private Organisation.

Art On Tour is gonna be Art Management.  A Private Organisation (Association) who be manage artists. 

You will be manage in all aspects of Art.


We will be manage you in all you're artworks, expositions and professional steps to be successfull. 

What we do:

Manage Events and Expositions. In Name Of Artists / Organisation 

Organiseren evenementen en exposities. In naam van Artiesten / Organisaties

Manage Application Licensing.                                                                  

Orangiseren aanvraag vergunningen.

Manage Apllications Documents.                                                                 

Organiseren aanvraag documenten.   

Manage Organisations in Compose Documents. (Drafting Articles).           

Manage organisaties in opstellen documenten. (Statuten verenigingen)

Manage in Gai Fame.                                                                                   

Begeleiden in verwerven naambekendheid.  

Art Management will be stay an Association.                                              

Art Management blijft een vereniging.

Art On Tour Will Be A Part Of Art Management.

Art On Tour blijft een onderdeel van Art Management